Professional Diploma in Management (with Specialisation in Project Development)

Start date: 08 April 2024

Duration: 16 weeks (12 weeks tuition, 4 weeks assessment approx. 200hrs)

Location: online

Certificate: Professional Diploma, credit rated by Glasgow Caledonian University

Cost: RRP €1500 / M1 Skillnet price €750

Course code: LSDMP

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    Each course will differ in their admissions requirements. Some may include education level requirements, current employment, interview processes or previous experience for example. Most courses and trainings will require a minimum number or trainees and will have a maximum number of attendees. Therefore, your expression of interest does not in any way guarantee a place on a particular course/training. We will, of course, try to accommodate you on the next available course/training.

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    Programme overview

    This programme is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience you need to become an effective manager and leader in today's fast-paced business environment.

    With this comprehensive and interactive 16 week online programme, you will gain the confidence and expertise you need to manage both teams and projects. Our expert instructors will guide you through the material with real-world examples and case studies, to gain a valuable qualification.

    You will gain skills in management, and also build a solid understanding of project development, with an additional focus on business analysis and programme management to help you in your role as a manager

    PLEASE NOTE : course dependant on minimum number of attendees

    Learning outcomes

    • Case study approach: You will learn how to analyse real-world financial scenarios and apply your
      knowledge to solve problems and make strategic financial decisions.
    • Company analysis techniques: You will learn how to evaluate a company’s financial performance
      and identify critical areas for improvement.
    • Strategic Management: You will understand the strategic implications of everything an employee
    • Team Management: You will learn the techniques of team management.
    • Change Management: You will understand the the importance of change and how to best
      implement it in an organization.
    • Resilience: You will understand how best to deal with a change in environment.
    • Crisis Management: You will understand the techniques applicable to any critical situation.
    • Modern Performance Measurement.
    • Data Protection: You will understand the data protection agreements.
    • Emotional Intelligence: You will learn how EI can be introduced in the workplace.
    • Streamed Teaching Modules: You will specalise in a core management stream.
    • Assessment: You will have the opportunity to apply your learning through a series of quizzes
      and a capstone assessment. The case study capstone assessment will be due 4 weeks after
      the completion of the 12-week course. The pass rate is 40%.

    Who is the course for

    The training course aims to develop the skills of those who are currently in a management or supervisory role, or those wishing to transition into management roles.



    Trainer Profile

    Learnsignal’s expert instructor team comprises finance professionals with years of real world experience. They have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with
    the most current and relevant information and the ability to explain complex financial concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

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