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June 10, 2024

ESG Readiness Programme 2024

ESG Readiness Programme 2024 – CPD Accredited

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, adherence to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards is no longer optional—it’s essential. Many companies and shareholders often overlook the full implications of not aligning with these critical standards. However, your stakeholders and customers are placing increasing importance on ESG, and their expectations are clear: they want businesses to operate responsibly and transparently.

The European Union’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is fast approaching, making the necessity for compliance and transparent reporting more urgent than ever. This directive mandates rigorous sustainability reporting requirements, ensuring that companies disclose accurate and comprehensive information on their ESG practices. Non-compliance is not an option and can lead to significant reputational and financial risks.

Our ESG Readiness Programme 2024 is specifically designed to help large and medium-sized businesses navigate these new requirements with confidence. This CPD-accredited programme comprises three in-depth workshops that will equip you with the knowledge and tools to integrate ESG principles effectively within your organization.

Workshop 1 – 5th September 2024

Introduction to Sustainability (CPD Credits: 3) This module will provide participants with an understanding of sustainability, its relevance in today’s world, and the opportunities it presents. The session will cover key terms, challenges, business opportunities, international legislation, and case studies.

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) (CPD Credits: 2) This module will give an overview of the CSRD and what it entails, including scope, reporting requirements, and timeline. After the basics of the legislation have been discussed, we will dive into the specifics of how SMEs will be impacted and how they can prepare. Specific consideration will be given to double materiality and identifying impacts that are relevant to the participating organization.

Energy Use and Energy Action Planning (CPD Credits: 3) Energy use and reduction are very important sustainability topics for many reasons, including environmental and economic impacts. To make any significant impacts on your energy use, it is first necessary to set a baseline and create a monitoring plan. This workshop will discuss methods to achieve this.

Workshop 2 – 10th October 2024

Introduction to Net Zero (CPD Credits: 1) This module will help you understand what net zero is, why it is important, and how you can get started on achieving it. Striving for and achieving net zero as a company can be a difficult and daunting task. There is a lot of information out there about net zero, making it hard to know where to start.

Creating a Sustainability Team (CPD Credits: TBC) This module will cover the basics of what a green team is and what purpose it fulfills. We will cover how to build a successful green team and how to facilitate meaningful engagement opportunities for the entire employee base.

Waste and the Circular Economy (CPD Credits: 1) The amount of waste we produce as businesses can be very large. It is important to understand where our waste comes from, how much we produce, and how we dispose of it. This workshop will cover topics related to waste management and reduction along with providing tools and strategies for reducing output and ensuring waste is disposed of properly.

Workshop 3 – 7th November 2024

Supplier Readiness (CPD Credits: TBC) This module will give SME suppliers the tools they need to create a sustainability strategy and to take meaningful action. These tools and strategies can also be shared by a larger organization with their supply chain, to make reporting easier for all. An important aspect of this strategy will be monitoring progress and reporting. These reports may be for public transparency, to align with best practices, or for requests from larger corporate partners and customers.

Prioritising Social Impact (CPD Credits: 3) Your business is a part of the local community in which it operates, as well as the larger global community. It is important to engage in a positive way. This workshop will cover how to prioritize meaningful community engagement and how to monitor your impact to ensure positive outcomes for your business and your partners.

Communicating Sustainability Learn how to communicate with impact and integrity so that you do not fall into the trap of greenwashing. This module will cover the importance of transparent communication, the relevant legislation, and the opportunities associated with communicating your sustainability activities the right way.

By participating in our ESG Readiness Programme, you will not only ensure compliance with the CSRD but also position your business as a leader in sustainability. This programme will help you build trust with stakeholders, enhance your corporate reputation, and unlock new opportunities for growth and investment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of regulatory changes and stakeholder expectations. Secure your spot in the ESG Readiness Programme 2024 today and take the first step towards a sustainable and prosperous future for your business.

To Register Please Email Joe Lynch – manager@m1skillnet.ie

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