Diploma in International Trade Compliance

Start date: 16 January 2024

Duration: 13 weeks

Location: On-line

Certificate: Level 6 Professional Diploma

Cost: RRP €3,750 | M1 Skillnet Price €2,625

Course code: DITC

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    Programme overview

    The Professional Diploma in International Trade Compliance aims to educate existing and aspiring international trade professionals around the world.

    Topics covered include:
    Customs for Business, Risk Analysis and Compliance, Classification and Tariffs, Valuation, Origin of Goods, Supply Chain Operations, Prohibition and Restrictions and Sanctions.

    Learning outcomes

    • Module 1 – Customs for Business
    • Module 2 – Risk Analysis and Compliance
    • Module 3 – Classification & Tariffs
    • Module 4 – Valuation
    • Module 5 – Origin of Goods
    • Module 6 – Supply Chain Operations
    • Module 7 – Prohibitions and Restrictions

    Who is the course for

    This course is aimed at professionals from all sectors, working (or seeking roles) in Customs, logistics, supply chain, trade compliance, finance, law and risk management.



    Trainer Profile

    The International Trade Institute is a centre of education in international trade to meet a worldwide need on how to conduct trade in accordance with regulations, how to manage trade negotiations and how to encourage the business of trade. The Institute draws on the world’s best expertise and online teaching tools. It is a leading source of the highest quality learning in these fields.

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