Sales Strategies for the New Normal

Start date: 14 September 2020

Duration: 6 Days Mondays & Wednesdays 9.30-12.30 September 14th, 16th, 21st, 23rd, 28th & 30th

Location: Online

Certificate: N/A

Cost: RRP €1495/ Non-Member €325/ Member €250

Programme overview

Is your business ready to adapt to the new normal? This programme has been designed for professional salespeople that are developing their sales strategies to sell in the new normal business era. If you are looking for that extra edge and need to focus on sales growth then this is the course for you. Learn how to hone your existing skills and find new techniques to develop personal and business change,growth and development. This course is particularly suited for businesses operating in premium B2B and those that need to learn to adapt their strategies post covid 19.

Overall Programmes Objectives:

As a participant you will be able to:-

  • Manage your mindset and attitude
  • Prioritise your time and focus on high value tasks and strategy
  • Plan in 90 days sprints
  • Plan, create and deliver a dynamic sales pitch/presentation
  • Analyse your ideal customers and create a strong value proposition to attract them
  • Use the 80/20 rule to their advantage
  • Learn how to sell online to your customers
  • Close business fast and shorten the sales cycle
  • Identify and use sales channels
  • Develop and implement effective questioning techniques
  • Handle objections with confidence
  • Problem solve to enable agile growth
  • Grow your business rapidly upon completion


Customer Feedback

As well as the 100+ Recommendations on LinkedIn ( See some of the feedback on the Online Elite Sales Programme:

5 – Overall really informative & engaging training. It was great for the team to get the chance to deliver their pitches & get such great feedback, etc. I would highly recommend this

5 – This course was an excellent course and I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 weeks. I have said it before but I will say it again, I think klaxoon is a fantastic tool and really assisted with providing a comprehensive understanding of the course context in a practical and anonymous way which I believe allowed people to share more because of. Thank you both Rob and Jules. Stay safe.

5 – Really comprehensive course which was full of practical advice which can be applied immediately!

5 – Great course content, tone of the trainers was excellent. Follow ups are useful and informative. Learned loads.

5 – Thanks, Jules and Rob for a great course and coaching sessions! Really feel invigorated and positive about post C19 sales and business.

4 – Excellently presented. Easy to listen to and very informative, particularly liked the PPA Report, it was extremely accurate. Please keep including reference documentation like the example Sales Questions, always good to have something like this. Best of Luck in the future.

5 – Excellent training. I found Klaxoon brilliant and the zoom worked perfectly. Brilliant trainers and content

5 – Created time to think and reflect on very useful content and how I might apply it to my business.

5 – Useful information, well presented and well organised.  Kept engaged with a good variety of exercises which is very important to keep focused.

5 – Funnily enough I felt like it was a small group of people as opposed to one of 40 or so!  Loved the tech, tools and the templates

5 – Very good sessions, with great information and content provided that will be easily applied in a practical way.

5 – Even after 35 years in selling, the content & delivery of these sessions have energised & enlightened me further.

5 – Very interactive webinar,  enjoyed every minute of it.  Love the interactive brainstorming and being able to see other people’s ideas.  Very hard to be critical as I really did enjoy it.  Thanks Rob & Jules.

5 – Programme was very well put together, thought provoking and inspiring – really makes you think about your approach to sales/business development. Only thing I would change is to have some sessions in the morning when energy levels are higher. Thanks again – really enjoyed it.

5 – Rob and Jules are great personalities that complement each other well. The programme was delivered in such a laid back way that I felt at ease almost instantly. I loved the use of Klaxoon to share our ideas. This made the training feel less like a lecture and more like a fun workshop. Really enjoyable, and really helpful

4 – Rob and Jules, were both very professional.  Rob delivered the coaching quite clearly and non-judgmentally. He made me realise I actually have more confidence than I realised I have and I am actually quite good at my job. This in turn will help me be better both, for my company and for myself in the future. No one should get 100% 🙂

5 – Fantastic sessions and I really enjoyed every one of them and very relevant to my role, learned so much and thank you all.

One to One Coaching Session 

Rob offers all clients a one hour coaching session per company.

Trainer Profile

Rob Marr:

Rob has worked in sales for over 20 years pioneering a direct and highly effective approach for his clients.  He has worked with some of the worlds biggest brands in Ireland, Europe, Canada and the US including brand & market leading companies like Zoetis, Butlers Chocolates, Lloyds Pharmacy, Intact Software and many more. Rob transforms sales results.



Applications Closing on 12th September 2020