Presentation Skills

Start date: 18 February 2020

Duration: Tuesday 18th February (9.30am-4.30pm) Tea/Coffee and light lunch incl

Location: Drogheda TBC

Cost: RRP €250/ Non-Member €150 /Member €120

Programme overview

This highly interactive one day course will help you to develop the confidence and competence to communicate and present effectively with groups. Participants will learn the essential knowledge and skills to influence others through effective communication and make positive impacts with their message.

Course Aim

This programme will encourage participating learners to plan, act and reflect on their existing presentation skills and identify where to enhance their ability to deliver presentations and disseminate learning as a result.

Who is the course for

This course is essential for all those who want to develop their personal communication and presentation skills.

Course Outline will include:

Overall, the programme has been designed to support the development and enhancement of the following core competencies:

– How to apply the principles and fundamentals of presenting

– How to plan and deliver a successful presentation

– How to stretch one’s own capacity to present with style: handling nerves and maintaining confidence

– Exploring the anatomy of a presentation and structuring dynamic content

– Presenting with flair and presence: having an awareness of voice projection and body language

The aim is to facilitate participants through the discovery and understanding of how adults process content, how to plan and structure presentations with delivery objectives while giving encouragement to delivering successfully. This course will provide the participant with the ability to deliver, assess and evaluate a range of presentation interventions. The course will outline the concepts and theories of presenting and with a specific emphasis on adult learning styles. Participants will explore the principles of effectiveness of the learning environment including the Presenter, specific learning methodologies as well as an understanding of group dynamics. Upon completion the participant will know how to:

– structure and use appropriate content and materials using a variety of aids and resources

– provide constructively effective feedback to participants in relation to presenting

– identify and evaluate the areas of success and the areas requiring improvement opportunities


Our approach is based on integration of learning. We believe that the additional knowledge, skills and experience gained by participants on our courses should be brought back to the workplace to benefit the individuals and the organisations. The programmes will give individuals the opportunity to learn more about themselves, and how to contribute more effectively to the company by whom they are employed.


It is intended that the training programmes will be participative, interactive and most importantly enjoyable. Learning should be fun and we try to make that happen. Learning objectives will be established with participants prior to, or on commencement of, the course. A range of methods will be incorporated to enhance the transfer of learning, to stimulate and hold interest, and to promote interaction and participation. The methods will take into consideration the topic to be covered and the most appropriate ways of transferring learning. They will also take account of different learning styles.

Proposed training methods will include:

Input or theory, through use of PowerPoint, Flipchart, Demonstrations, Video, Question & Answer sessions and/or case studies and role plays, as appropriate. Participant involvement will be ensured through discussion and related exercises.

Discussion – e.g. exploring issues, case studies and role plays (as appropriate).

Individual Tasks – Participants will be asked to complete relevant assignments during the sessions, and also between programme modules (as appropriate).

Group Tasks/Activities – Participants will participate in relevant exercises and activities during the programme.


On successful completion of this course each participant will receive a certificate of attendance from the Leinster Institute of Professional Development

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