Mini MBA – Keystone

Start date: 25 March 2020

Duration: 3 Day Training Wednesday / Thursday / Friday in March 25th, 26th & 27th

Location: Drogheda TBC

Cost: RRP €1450 / Non Member €620 / Member €550

Course code: N/A

Programme overview

Mini MBA-Keystone

Learning Outcomes

Achieve a better understanding of profits and strategy

Better your skills in leadership and negotiation

Improve your ability in areas of management and recruitment

Learn how to better your mindset and be more productive

Enhance your proficiency at executing plans and fueling a ‘masterplan’.



Who is the course for

It is suitable for anyone who own and manages businesses

Whats Covered

The MINI MBA is an extremely practical workshop that consists of 12 Masterclasses – 4 each day as follows:


Masterclass 1 – Profits – How to Multiply the Profits, Cashflow & Value of Any Business 

Masterclass 2 – Strategy – How to Outsmart Your Competition & Take the Market by Storm 

Masterclass 3 – Financials – How to Understand the Language of Business – Accountancy

Masterclass 4 – Sales – How to Explode Your Sales & Master the Art of Marketing


Day 2 – PEOPLE

Masterclass 5 – Recruitment – How to Hire the Top 1% & Become a Magnet for the Best Talent

Masterclass 6 – Management  – How to Replace High Maintenance with High Performance & Create a No Excuses Culture

Masterclass 7 – Leadership – How to Inspire People & Build a World Class Team

Masterclass 8 – Negotiations – How to Handle Difficult Conversations & Negotiate Much Better Deals 



Masterclass 9 – Productivity – How to Master Time Management & Explode Your Productivity

Masterclass 10 – Mindset – How to Overcome Stress, Build Confidence & Become Unstoppable

Masterclass 11 – Masterplan – How to Take Big Ideas Out of Your Mind & Into the World

Masterclass 12 – Execution – How to Get Incredible Results Against All the Odds

Also, at the end of Day 3 we have a graduation ceremony complete with certificates, professional photographs & mortarboards!

Trainer Profile

Anthony Woods-CEO Keystone University

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