Illuminate Female Entrepreneur Programme

Start date: 02 November 2020

Duration: 12 Week Programme which will run 2 mornings a week Nov 2nd 2020 to Feb 1st 2021

Location: online

Certificate: NA

Cost: RRP €3995 / Non-Member €785 / Member €550

Programme overview

This programme has been designed to support female entrepreneur’s/business owners at the early-stage of business development and who are serious about developing and growing their business and leadership skills, create employment and grow their business. The programme will take place over a 12-week period, 2 mornings per week, 9.30 am to 12.30 pm. and the final day with he Investor Pitch Panel and Graduation Ceremony will take place 9.30am-2pm. The programme will equip participants with practical tools and template so you can apply them to your business immediately.

Proudly Sponsored by M1 Drogheda Chamber Skillnet, AIB, Coca-Cola, , Drogheda & District Chamber, LEO Louth, LEO Meath and The Mill Enterprise Hub

Learning outcomes

Think like an entrepreneur

Business plan for your business environment

Identify your market and customer and create a marketing plan

Be aware of how to project manage and business risk manage

Create a sales strategy

Understand financial management

Learn how to choose, lead and build your team

Know the legalities of setting up your business

Learn how to sustain and grow your business

Prepare and practice your pitch for your business


Who is the course for

We are looking for female participants who are currently considering setting up a business, or who have been in business for the past 2 years.


What you will learn on the Programme:

Mon Nov 2 – Class 1:      Ice Breaker – ‘Tell Your Story’

  • Learn how to structure your Elevator Pitch, explain your business in 90 seconds so you grab attention create memorable marketing messages
  • Value Propositon: What you are selling and who are you selling to

Wed Nov 4 – Class 2:      Business Model Innovation, Setting Milestones

  • Types of Business Models, using the Business Model Canvas as a tool for your business plan, ‘business plan on one page’
  • Setting your business goals for 12 – 18 and 24 months

Mon Nov 9 – Class 3:      Business Model Innovation, Customer Journey

  • Customer validation and journey mapping, relate your customer to every area of your business
  • In-depth work on your Business Model Canvas, tools to support this process

Wed Nov 11 – Class 4:      Business Model Innovation, Design Thinking, Personas

  • Creative problem solving for your products and service, helping you to design better products and services
  • Customer personas, who are you selling to, do you know your customer profile(s)?

Mon Nov 16 – Class 5:      Business Model Innovation, Customer Discovery

  • Test the problem you are solving and then test the solution you are providing
  • Get out of your ‘office’ do customer interviews, know what your customer needs are, why should they buy from you ‘interview process & tools’

Wed Nov 18 – Class 6:      Building Your Team; Roles and Responsibilites

  • Types of leadership, thought leadership – why are you an expert in your business
  • ‘Jobs to be done’, who will do them? Gaps in your skills knowledge
  • When is the right time to hire? – Influencing skills

Mon Nov 23 – Class 7:      Legals for Startups: ‘Cut through the Jargon’

  • Founders Agreements, new companies act and what your ‘Directors’ duties are, shares, equity, funding, share options
  • Why setting up a Limited Company is more beneficially financially, setting up your own Personal Trading Company

Wed Nov 25 – Class 8:      Financial Modelling – What You Need to Know

  • Type of financial models that suit your business, what is a financial model?
  • How do I build my financial (revenue model)?
  • When to hire an accountant and what to expect from them.

Mon Nov 30 – Class 9:      Financial Management – Product v Service

  • Building your financial forecast and determining if your growth strategy is viable
  • Using your forecast to make financial decisions
  • Managing your financial risk, identifying risk, understating management accounts

Wed Dec 2 – Class 10:    Financial Management – Cash Flow, Managing Accounts

  • Cash Flow, profit and loss, balance sheets, bookkeeping and compliance
  • Raising capital, funding sources, equity management
  • Adding your financial model into your Business Model Canvas – full picture

Mon Dec 7 – Class 11:    Sales: Strategy and Process

  • Sales planning; route to market, how will you Get, Grow and Keep your customers
  • Sales channels, pricing, sales funnel, how to increase turnover, managing your customer relationships, KPIs Key Performance Indicators

Wed Dec 9 – Class 12:    Sales: Selling Skills

  • Sales challenges, steps of the sale, customer types, selling behaviours
  • Handling Objections, asking for referrals, closing the sale
  • ‘Selling role play’, putting it into practice

Mon Dec 14 – Class 13:    Pitch Preparation: Investor Pitch Template

  • Elevator pitch, sales pitch and investor pitch; variation on one template
  • Know your audience before pitching, ‘always plan & always practice’
  • Investor Pitch template, what is expected

Wed Dec 16 – Class 14:    Mentor Panels: Speed Mentoring

  • We will bring in entrepreneurs and industry experts for multiple ‘one to one’ sessions so you can gain experience ‘telling your business story’ and receive advice and guidance in return and a bonus would be receiving introductions and referrals

Mon Jan 4 – Class 15:    Startup Supports: Gov, Venture Capital, Angels

  • Local Enterprise Office (LEO) supports
  • Enterprise Ireland, presentation on how they can help early-stage businesses, types of businesses they can support and types they can’t
  • What is Venture Capital? Presentation from a VC company
  • What is Angel investment? Presentation from HBAN

Wed Jan 6 – Class 16:    Fireside Chat: Femail Entrepreneurs, Lessons & Tips

Fireside Chat with Female Entrepreneurs; those who ‘walking ahead of you’

Hear the story of 4 Female entrepreneur’s business stories, tips and advice, how they have funded themselves and where they sourced other funding from.

Ciara Sheahan – ORB Media, Sharon Keegan – Peachylean, Lewize Crothers – Exit Entry, Emer Cleary – EMU Ink

Mon Jan 11 – Class 17:    eCommerce: Selling Online

  • Selling online, secure payments, what platforms to use, partners (amazon, eBay), growing your online presence
  • Learn how to market your website and drive customer traffic,
  • Analyse your customers behaviours using Google analytics

Wed Jan 13 – Class 18:    BMI: Key Partnerships, Metrics and Activities

  • Complete the Partnerships section of your Business Model Canvas
  • Types of Key Partnerships: strategic alliances, business development partners, in house, supplier relationships, co-opetition, online channel partners
  • Make innovation a ‘key activity’ for your business

Mon Jan 18 – Class 19:    BMI: Revenue Streams, Costs & Review Milestones

  • Do I understand my business costs? What are the most expensive resources to pay for? What are the most expensive resources to pay for?  What are my fixed costs? What are my variable costs?
  • How can I add additional revenue streams to my business?
  • Define and finalise your ‘Business Milestones’ for the next 12, 18 and 24 months

Wed Jan 20 – Class 20:    PR Workshop: Do It Yourself PR for Startups

  • Understanding how PR works, what you can and cannot control
  • Understanding the media, identifying YOUR media & building relationships
  • Content: What is NEWS? (practical key messages exercise here)
  • The tactics – how to communicate to and attract the media’s attention

Mon Jan 25 – Class 21:    Pitch Practice: Preparation for Investor Pitch 

  • You will have worked on your pitch deck from Week 7, you will have been given a template with headings for the Finalé pitch
  • The trainer will recap what is expected on the final days, what is expected from your pitch, YOU will practice your pitch, constructively critique each other and receive feedback from the trainer and DCU Ryan Academy Staff
  • YOU will be fully ready for your Investor Pitch

Wed Jan 27 – Class 22:    Pitch Practice: Preparation for Investor Pitch 

  • You will have worked on your pitch deck from Week 7, you will have been given a template with headings for the Finalé pitch
  • The trainer will recap what is expected on the final days, what is expected from your pitch, YOU will practice your pitch, constructively critique each other and receive feedback from the trainer and DCU Ryan Academy Staff
  • YOU will be fully ready for your Investor Pitch

Mon Feb 1 – Class 23:    The Finalé: Investor Pitch Panel 7 Certificate Ceremony

A panel of experts from mixed industries including; Coca Cola, Enterprise Ireland, the banking institutes, entrepreneurs will be invited to the final day.  You will prepare your ‘investor ready’ pitch slide deck and present to the panel for feedback.  The format for the Finalé pitch will be 7 minutes to pitch and 7 minutes Q&A.  At the end of the pitch, the funders of the programme will be invited to speak and this will be followed with a Certificate Ceremony.

Download Course Brochure Here DCU Ryan Academy Brochure Final

Trainer Profile

DCU Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurs is Ireland’s leading centre for delivering Entrepreneurship and Innovation skills training. The Academy is a partnership between Dublin City University and the family of the late Tony Ryan, Founder of Ryanair. Our aim is to be the leading supporter of entrepreneurship and innovation in Ireland.  We do this through our delivery of business development, accelerator and incubation programmes that we run throughout the year.  The Academy also delivers design thinking and innovation events.  All programmes and events are practical to help provide tools and templates to help entrepreneurs and business owners at the early stage of their startup/business journey.

Applications Closing on 30th October 2020