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March 31, 2021

M1Skillnet Training App – Your easy access to business training

“Make it easy to know what’s available”
That's what we have been hearing over the last few weeks, and here is the solution, our Training information APP.

“Make It Simple”
We are going to be keeping it clean and simple, so its easy for you to use "at a glance".
✔ About M1Skillnet
✔ Get in Touch
✔ Course Offers

Apple or Android?
This is a "WebAPP" so it works through the mobile browser ? and doesn't need to be updated through the App stores.

To Install
Go to https://m1skillnet.glideapp.io/
Scan the QR code below ???? on your mobile device ?

Then follow the instructions to save to your phone.

“Simple, Available and always relevant”
Every time you open it, it will be up to date.


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