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August 12, 2021

M1Skillnet Introducing our New Learning Pathways

That Phrase is back “Make it easy to know what’s available”! … and here is yet another solution we have developed on based on your input  …..  Learning Pathways.

Over the last few months we have been working to make things even easier for member companies (and companies that want to be) to engage with M1Skillnet for training.    We have been co-designing solutions that are a fit for businesses in the region based on requests from businesses in the region. We have mapped out our our offer across a number of “Pathways” to allow You to easier to identify training programs based on Your needs.

Our Learning Pathways are:

Business Manager – This is a suite of programmes that are targeted towards the Business Managers and leaders. In this suite we are focused on developing skills that encompass business development and growth,  management development and other leadership focused topics.

Business Operations – This is a suite of programmes that are targeted to deliver skills, knowledge and awareness in areas that can have an impact on the business or staff performance.

Business Messaging – This is a suite of programmes that are targeted towards developing and delivering a comprehensive business related message.

Career Skills  – This is a suite of programmes that are targeted to deliver skills and knowledge in the areas that are considered operational skills and learning.

Creator – This is a suite of programmes that are targeted towards creators of content, and those that want to create content for their business. This can be for use in digital marketing or for use in other business messaging areas.

Digital Marketing – This is a suite of programmes that are targeted towards the marketing of businesses in the digital ecosystem.

Keep tuned as we further develop these pathways over the coming weeks.

Our Autumn Schedule can be viewed here Upcoming Training with M1Skillnet – Book now – Meath Louth[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Speaking of the introduction of the Learning Pathways Stephen said

“We talk about being partners and walking the walk with member companies, actually that’s is what we have done here. We have critically assessed our offer (with member input) and have now simplified our training offer. This approach allows us to further develop focused programmes at identified gaps in member company skills doubling down on our agility to better serve regional business workforce design need.  am looking forward to a busy and impactful end of 2021 as we roll this program out.”


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