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October 9, 2019

Applications for Skillnet Ireland funding for 2020 – 2022 are now open

Applications for Skillnet Ireland funding for 2020 – 2022 are now open and M1 Drogheda Chamber Skillnet will apply for funding on behalf of companies in the North East & along the M1 Payment Corridor to support their training & development needs to sustain competitiveness, sustainability and growth for the sector.

The application process itself has changed and applications now have to be more strategic in their approach (with a three year outlook) and have to demonstrate a high calibre business case for funding support. Additionally, we have to provide a robust annual operational training plan (initially for 2020).

The levels of funding available to industry have been increased and represent a great opportunity for industry to reduce the costs of training.
It is the intention of M1 Drogheda Chamber Skillnet to once again apply for funding under the following categories of funding:

  1. Training Networks Programme (TNP) – 60% / 40% funding model
  2. Future Skills Programme (FSP) – 80% / 20% funding model
  3. Employment Activation Programme (EAP) – 100% funding model

To support the application, we need your assistance in driving our strategy and identifying the training needs of our region over the next 1-3 year period.
It is vital for us to understand what your needs are and what you believe are the trends and challenges facing your sector/region and the impacts these might have for industry and how learning and development initiatives might support industry in addressing these.

We would request that you complete our short survey – click here for link  and indicate the type of training that is relevant to our sector and to your organisation, so we can ensure to apply for the relevant funding towards the correct types of training.
The survey is short and will only take 5 minutes of your time. We have a very short deadline to complete this needs analysis and as such I would urge you to complete the survey no later than the 21st October 2019.
Your input will help us identify the gaps in training provision in the North East/M1 Payment Corridor Region. Our training must be relevant, adding value and impact to the competitiveness of your organisation, whilst also developing the employability of the workforce.

Thank You very much for your time & valuable feedback!
Yours Sincerely

Linda Ennis
Learning & Development Network Manager



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